Balancing Fan-Girl Tendencies

Posted by Christina on November 9th, 2011

If you know me at all, you might know that I have what’s called an “obsessive personality.” Not obsessive-compulsive or anything, simply… obsessive. For example, when I find a new anime that I like, I completely immerse myself in it; I’m scouting for merch online, listening to music from it, planning cosplay costumes for it, reading wiki pages about it, all day, every day. This has happened to me with Bleach, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Black Butler, just to name a few. Well, this sometimes happens to me with celebrities as well. The most glaring example previously would probably have been Ryoutarou Okiayu. When I decided I adored his voice, I wanted to see every anime he was in, find any music of his I could, and watch any live performances of his that I could find online, and buy merch of all his characters.

Now, I am married, and my wonderful, understanding husband who I love very much, has to unfortunately put up with the brunt of my fangirl-ness due to having to live with me. He generally does a fantastic job of tuning out my constant addictive YouTube-ing for new content, and puts up with alot of my crazy in general. (Having YouTube access via television is a dangerous thing, by the way.)

So, onto why this is relevant. My most recent obsession is JPop singer Yuya Matsushita, who also acts and dances. I discovered him via the Kuroshitsuji musicals, where he starred in the role of Sebastian Michaelis. I found out he was a real singer, not just in musicals, found a couple of his music videos on YouTube, found his album on iTunes, and BAM – Obsessed. So, yeah, I listen to his music an awful lot lately since it’s a recent thing.

(Come on, look at this video. What’s not to love? Can you really blame me??)

The thing about obsessing over a music artist instead of an anime or video game or something, is I have constant access to the material. I have an hour commute in each direction every day to work, so I spend plenty of quality time with my iPod. Well, today on the train a nice little Twitter conversation occurred that almost had me burst out laughing in public, featuring myself (@LadyStarstorm,) my husband Joe (@SpaceKappa,) and special guest-star Jace (@Kaatridge.) I thought it was amusing enough to share, and also thought it would be a nice example of the glaring jealousy tongue-in-cheek mockery that can occur when fangirliness goes into overdrive.

(Prior to this I’d been ranting about the MBTA subway being a pain.)
Whatever. Can’t be mad listening to Yuya cover MJ’s “Rock with You”.<3
Kaatridge: that’s the spirit!
LadyStarstorm: As long as I have JPop bishies to obsess over nothing can get me down?? Lmao
SpaceKappa: Oh yeah, all it takes to cheer up my WIFE is attractive Japanese men. Hmph.
LadyStarstorm: That’s not true. You cheer me up! I just don’t have access to you via my iPod.. xD
SpaceKappa: I have pictures of YOU on MY iPod. HARUMPH
SpaceKappa: I’m ready! I’ve already decided on affectionate nickname for Japanese fans to call me: “Walk-kun.”
Kaatridge: “I Hope My Wife Listens to This – The audio stylings of DJ Walk-kun”
SpaceKappa: Featuring the hit single “Yuya Sounds Like a Girl’s Name”
Kaatridge: and the hit ballad “Anime is My Throne (and I am the King)”
SpaceKappa: And the genre-bending “Ore-sama (Dai Suki)”
SpaceKappa: And my duet with Ryotarou Okiayu “Hey Skank, Remember Us?”
Kaatridge: i want this to be a thing. i really want this to be a thing


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    I was losing it earlier as I watched this play out over Twitter. Funny stuff! :)

  3. Nooferdog says:

    Now I want this to be a thing too.

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